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2017 Festival of Performing Arts Rockingham

So we do things a little differently at BMSD…

  • We DO let all our students compete and participate in troupes
  • We DO let any student do a solo if they would like
  • We DO let new students participate in their class troupe

You may wonder why, when other studios only choose their BEST .

WELL we believe that each and every one of our students is the BEST version of themselves. We believe that by being INCLUDED and encouraged they will continue to become even BETTER instead of wishing they were included.

Now not everyone can win, but everyone of our students IS a winner for so many reasons.  Let me tell you about a few of our ” winners”..

There was a tiny four year old clinging to my arm saying she was scared, but she overcame that and went out and faced the crowd and danced.

There was a tiny five year old, very shy, so shy she barely looked up….but she danced out there on that big scary stage.

There are several newbies in troupes, not yet confident but I’m sure the experience has helped to find a little more belief in themselves.

There is a first time soloists, only been at BMSD for 11 months. Two gold medals and a heap of confidence now in her possession.

Students that forgot their solos and thought quickly on their feet under pressure and stayed on the stage smiling to the end, winners in life skills.

Students that had to dance with no music, carried on like nothing had happened and smiled until off stage. Winners at bravery and perseverance.

Students that shared shoes, helped with each other’s make up and hair and said “well done” and “good luck” to each other so often that our four year old says it to everyone too. Winners at modelling a good example to others.

Students that picked rubbish after kids left stuff on stage , swept the stage, put props on and off for each other. Winners at teamwork.

Senior students who helped so much with juniors that the juniors look up to them with awe and respect. Winners at leadership.

Every single one of our students is a WINNER.

The medals are a secondary bonus, well earned and deserved but not the REAL prizes. Those prizes can’t be held, or seen, but they are built into our students and will serve them for years to come in many situations.
I’m proud of every single student, and incredibly grateful to share time with these AMAZING future leaders.
Blessed to work with fantastic staff and support.

If we didn’t give all our students a go, some of our former students who are now performing and or teaching all over the world would not now be enjoying their careers, some of them were never the BEST but by being given the chance to become their best they achieved their dreams.

Place no emphasis on winning nor on one persons opinion on one day, but place faith in your personal growth, follow your dreams with effort and love.

With Love from Miss Bev and all your teachers at BMSD



Jess B

Thank you! Thank you for all the love and hard work the lovely teachers have invested in my daughter!

Thank you for believing in her, and the comfortable and safe environment you have provided! I know my daughter is in the best hands! If she wants to dance for fun or if she wants a career you guys have her interests at heart, I couldn't of asked for more form Beverley Margaret School of Dance, big part of my daughters life and our memories, you are family.